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Top 5 Free S.E.O Tools Must Use Every Blogger To Monitor The Site Score And Page Speed


Blogging is one of the fastest growing career in the world, especially in India most of the new people are choosing to blog as a part or full time. But, one thing any fresh bloggers should know about Search Engine Optimization (S.E.O) it’s a strong foundation of your blog to keep success in online business. Most of us know about s.e.o is categorized into two types ON & OFF Page optimizing.

Here are my top favorite 5 free S.E.O tools to monitor the website

These are really helpful for the best deep monitor of your site seo and my first job is every morning before start my work will check my site condition and sharing the performance results of my own website and with images.

Google pagespeed insights

Certainly! Google has a best free tool to first check the page speed and it plays the major role in the search engine results and visitors will love the quick render sites on browsers. This tool will deep scan your site or blog if any issues or problems will warn and will guide with the related issues how to fix the problem. This tool has really helped me in many ways still some of the issues are there, but due to my page layout I’ve neglected some minor issues, but will fix ASAP.



Pingdom is another tool to check the speed of your blog, but this one will show results of actual load time of your blog in seconds, Page Size, how many requests are made from the server and Perf. Grade. Based on those scores will show the results in percentage how much faster or slower is your blog and compared with all the tested sites. You can check how fast my site is.



Initial stage of my blogging I was unaware about webpage test, but after reading the professional SEO bloggers posts they shared about the benefits from this site. I tried and worked like a magic, the specialty of this tool gives the detail information about the CDN (Center Distribution Network), first load time on your blog, image & page compressions, scripts are enabled or not and the caching the static content page will give the full results with grades.



Two main things you can monitor of your site/blog and will give the results of the latest performance of your website score of page speed and YSLOW! , I check for my site slow score and this score depends on various factors of your website nearly 24 plus testes will check some are zip compression, HTTP redirects, add an expires, style sheet issues, avoid redirects, 404 error page problem etc.

SEO Site Check Up


TSite checkup checks the monitor of your complete S.E.O of your blog issues from title to the backlinks of your site. The interesting part is the score is split into several regions like Common S.E.O Issues, Speed Optimization, Server and Security, Mobile Usability and Advanced SEO.

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