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Purchased 22 Karat gold earnings with my latest online earnings and How to invest little money on jewelry ornaments - Find out the benefits


Welcome, friends! I regularly sharing my internet business experience & weekly income report to my blog visitors and also the products I've purchased with my online profits. Last time I bought a whirlpool refrigerator with my website earnings, now I am sharing the gold ear-rings just bought with my pure online profits. It’s not a big thing but sharing my small happy moments will help for someone to make money through online like me. But, the actual point of this post is every month I invest some of my earnings in different markets,shares or invest on some saving schemes. The first time I investing very little amount on gold every month.

Buying a jewelry is really a worth

In India, the ornaments play a vital role. No single Indian women hate jewelry, wearing jewelry indicates a rich look and it’s a prestigious issue. The price of gold is increasing every day (the present market rate (the figures will change daily depends on the stock market) today (28-May-2016) the10 grams of 22 carts gold is around Rs 27350. So, for middle-class families buying gold ornaments is very expensive.

Easy gold purchase advance scheme


Different big Indian jewellery stores(Malabar gold, Kalyan jewelers, Tanishq much more) are offering a variety of schemes. So, please find out in the nearest famous shops.

My investment on gold

  • Every Month I am investing 5000 Rs in easy gold purchase scheme in joyalukkas.
  • It’s a 10 month period, Every month am investing 5000rs, for ten months 10 * 5000 = 50,000 rupees)and 2000Rs interest will get from the company. So final figure I'll get 52000 Rs after completing the scheme.
  • Additionally! Special discount on gold, those who are purchasing with this loan.
  • Final words are, I really satisfied with this easy installment payment method and will continue... thanks for visiting my post and if any doubts please leave the comments in the below.

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