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Small online business with Google Adwords overview or PPC for absolute beginners 2017


Till now all my posts about on how to make real money through internet blogging. But, this article is about for those who want to start a small online business and make profits in a short time with adwords. Google is king of the internet, can find any valuable information within seconds and has several tools and plugins for our internet business requirements. Adwords Key word planner is a tool from google it helps to find the best keyword for our business and bid on that, those bids are called PPC (Pay Per Click).

Pay Per Click guide for small online business owners google Adwords

Before start how the adwords works? Let us discuss about search results page from google. Suppose, a user search for a particular thing, for example:- he/she is looking for a genuine money making site and searching with a key word “earn money online” search engine fetch 2 kinds of websites. One is organic and the other is PPC. If you notice the below image can see the organic & Pay Per Click websites.The difference is the organic results don’t have the ad symbol. Organic search results totally depend on the Pure white hat S.E.O, Whereas PPC the business people pay some amount for a particular keyword to display the website in search results.


What is Adwords?

It’s an advertising service from google for online business people who want to display ads on the top of the first page of search results and the best part is will only charge from you when any one click and visit your site that’s why it’s called PayPerClick.

How adwords keyword planner is really flexible for small online business.

  • Can begin with very low budget with 1000Rs a day ad campaign.
  • Target your right visitors for locally or globally market easily.
  • Your company advertisement will reach right clients at the right time.
  • Can monitor your account monthly summary how many clicks, click-through rate, Avg cost perclick.
  • If you don’t want can pause ads campaign, and start whenever you wish with no extra fees.
  • Ads will display in all types of devices (mobile, tab, laptop & desktop).
  • If you are unaware how to setup and create the ads, Can talk with adwords support team through toll free Indian number 1800-419-6331 (Mon–Sat, 9:30am–6:30pm IST)

    Note: This article is for absolute beginners but I suggest read the T.O.S of Adwords offer, coupons Ads before use.

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