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Google Publisher Toolbar Must Have Every Blog Adsense Earner 2017


The Google Adsense is the worlds most trusted internet online income source. Out of 100, 99% of the bloggers dream is to make money with google ads! If you don’t have or declined many times for them, please read this post, it’s a complete guide for the beginners in blogging who want to apply for an Adsense account.

Every Blogger Should Install The Google Publisher & Quick Adsense Toolbars!

The best two Toolbars to trace the Adsense data in a fastest way with a single mouse click and both have a unique futures and how it's helpful real time for the bloggers. In short, can view up-to-date information about your income details, while browsing any site in chrome.

  • Publisher Toolbar Latest From Google Adsense
  • It’s a chrome extension and the size of the file is 4.51 MB (Version: 5.0.18) available in different native languages and compatible with any device, once you installed in the browser and after login with your credentials. We can check without minimizing the present browser. No matter which chrome tab you are working, still can view your adsense account performance.

    The main intention of this tool is estimated and compare the ad revenue with different dates.

  • Today income
  • Earnings of the present day will show and the income will be frequently updated (increase or decrease) if the click are valid the money will raise or else will deduct if the clicks are invalid.

  • Yesterday income
  • Can check the Yes ‘day income details how much was earned.

  • So far income of this month
  • 1'st day of the every month earnings will count and added to the next day income and it follows till the last day of the month. (for example, today is the 5th day of the month will show the five day ads revenue)

  • Final payment of the month
  • Life Time ads Revenue
  • The first penny or cent you have earned with Adsense till the present day how much you have made money so far.

The next advanced and helpful option is toggling google ads overlays widget.


Enable the ad overlay for a particular site or blog, in – site ads appear with overlays with the advertisement information about the size of the ads, belongs to which website and how much the ad cost per click full details can visibly and it also prevents the own ad clicks.

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