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two thousand Indian rupees note a very lucky sequence number "786" selling on eBay for lakhs


Reserve Bank of India recently banned on old 500 & 1000 rupees and released the newly designed currency with lots of security features. But some currencies whether it is old, new or forbidden are forever incredibly demanding. Before continue, this post. I would like to recommend how rare Indian 5 rupee coins are selling for thousands of rupees.

It's not even a week the govt released the new notes and a.t.m machines are not working because of the software problem need to update for the new 2000rs, and lack of 100rs notes. So all Indian a.t.m branches are closed. Now most of the people are exchanged the old notes and got new 2000 Rs. But some people are very lucky who had these sequence number “786” on the currency bill.

Few people are brilliant; they are earning unbelievable profits in lakhs of rupees just by selling a single currency note on eBay. If you notice the image I took only two sellers as an actual example, but can find dozens of merchants who are selling Indian currency on eBay, quikr, and olx.


Check the first trader selling two thousand rupees for Rs – 10,000,000.00. Observe carefully, The specialty of the note. The sequence number is “786” and the fascinating part is every hour the viewers and watchers are growing and the other guy offering for Rs – 30,000 fixed and some eBay merchants are offer auction method, till now got 6 bids. Still 5 days and 23 hrs left to complete the deal. Opportunities are plenty to increase the bidders.


So, fellows check you are all and any notes. If you discover any 786 lucky sequence number on your currency bill, you can also earn lots of money. How to start an eBay business for Indian beginners guide.

Note: - Am not the seller. As a blogger, I always trace for the real internet earning ways and shares to my blog visitors it might be helpful for my visitors.

Here you can check the other attractive note with huge demand on "*" star currency symbol sequence

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