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Are you a web designer and have a good skills to design a WordPress themes. Find out how to earn money by selling your service in fiverr !


Compare with regular daytime jobs, online self-employees are earning more money as a part time freelancers. Yes! Internet business is rising continuously and different kinds of business people are entering into the online bazaar, there are 3 things are essential to start any online business good Domain name, web hosting & Themes. So, think how themes will play the important role for the internet business.

Domain is a brand name of a company. So, picking the web address is very important there is a lot of factors must consider. Here are the helpful tips on how to choose the perfect domain URL for my blog and why Word Press hosting is good for weblogging.

How web developers are making money with WP-Themes.

No matter! how many free and premium themes are accessible, always highly demand fresh catchy themes. If you have a good knowledge, experience, and skills in latest Html-5.0, CSS, JavaScript, Jscript and PHP then you can make guaranteed earnings.

Three ways we can gain revenue by selling themes

  • Through Fiverr, we can provide our service.
  • Can sell your themes on online marketplaces like (ThemeForest, mojo themes and much more ...)
  • Make a website and sell your themes yourself, This is the powerful way to make more income. Of course, it's a very tough process but will explain how to create & promote the website successfully.
  • Fiverr is the best online marketplace offering different types of services to the clients. If you are completely new then find out How to register free and start home based jobs in Fiverr for absolute beginners.

    The minimum or standard charge is 5 dollars and you can increase the fees rely on the work, Create own profile video about you and what kind of services you can offer for your clients. This way you can reach more patrons.

    Note: The image below service charges depends on your worth of work. Some freelancer earns more than this.


    Standard (Basic level service)

  • Small services you can offer like Fix the basic HTML, CSS errors like that..
  • Premium (Intermediate level)
  • Can offer a 5-pages custom design with mobile & search engine friendly website (render perfect on all devices).
  • Migrating from one host server to another.
  • Installation and setup the WordPress.
  • CSS Issues, Customizing plugins and much more…
  • Pro (Advanced Level)
  • PHP programming code errors.
  • Fix the database mistakes.
  • S.E.O on page optimization.
  • Shopping cart design and etc...

In the next part will see how to sell our own themes online.

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