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How To Make More Profits Online By Selling The " * " Serial Number Indian Notes


Many collectors (habit to collect different currencies), they are willing to pay the good price to purchase the rare special coins or notes. In my previous post, I have written an article on how to earn thousands of rupees by selling Rs 5 coin. Now! This post is on a very special currency notes which are still using by people, but they are very rare and can make money 3 times profits. Yes! They are still circulating; you might have these notes available in your pocket or wallet. If you have any notes with a star (*) symbol between unique note numbers, they are very rarely printed by Reserve Bank of the Indian government.

Ex: - The Ten rupees note I’ve which contains the series [59G*070134]. The following image, gives a clear impression how it looks. Did you notice the star symbol appeared after the first 3 characters?

Star (*) Sequence Note


Story Behind The Star Series Currency Notes !

We re all knew that all the brand new bank notes come with the 100’s pack with the unique serial numbers. The Reserve bank staff found any defect notes in the series, those damage notes will reprint with a star. So, they can maintain the sequence.


Where To Sell My Money

The best online marketplaces to sell old, rare money notes – eBay & Quikr. Many buyers are making a lot of profits. Below the picture, taken for a real example from eBay India and One of the buyer is selling star (*) sequence notes 100 rupees for Rs. 1,000,000.00 and 500 rupees for Rs. 5,000,000.00.


Note: - The image credit goes to eBay. If you are new and don’t know how to become an online buyer in eBay India.

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