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how online sellers are earning thousands of indian rupees online for selling old currency 5 Rs coins & notes


Let’s make lots of money online easily, just selling the old and extremely rare currency notes & coins. We often heard about the sentence " Old Is Always Gold ". Yes! For this kind of business, the quote is really suitable and make you very quick richer way.

Recently, I am searching for hot selling products on eBay and I found one of the exciting items is selling some special currency and this money have some special characteristics (metal, shape & the image of the coin) available only limited in the market or the government discontinued to print the currency.

Sell Old & Rare Currency, Earn Money Online In Thousands!

The 5 rupee coin is not a surprising thing many of us and usually, a majority of the people are using regularly. But one particular five rupee coin has a specialty selling very hot price between 30 to 50 thousand rupees. After research in some currency related websites, only the coin is above 15 grams they are real old specie (side face of Indira Gandhi, the year is 1977-1984, and the weight is above 15 grams).

When I checked in the eBay many sellers are trading the same coin with different prices, Here am print screen one sample real image of a seller product and selling 100 five rupee coins for 2499 Indian rupees and shipping is extra cost people are ready to buy you can see the image they are 5 watchers and I included some other images of the same product with different prices.


NOTE:- The image credit goes to the eBay India, just taken for a real example for this post.

In this post, I've shared about only one note! Any old or forbidden notes are always in a huge demand. Lots of people have a money collection hobby, others hobbies make us rich. So, what you are waiting for takeout your old coins and notes and earn some fast cash in thousands of rupees through the internet websites.

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