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Work-From-Home Shorten-Url-Make-Money-Is-Really-Worth

Stop Making in cents! Find out the real struggles to make money with shortening URL


People who are looking for a very simplest way to make small cash online for them the shortening URL’s is one of the reliable and effortless earning system without any hard work and very easy to use. Few internet users are making some extra income in cents every month with a shorten URLs websites? It’s a tool which shrinks the regular or longer URL links into short around 10 to 20 characters length and it is absolutely free to use.

My intention, it sounds very easy to earn but truly it's very hard to make a single dollar. Read the complete post will agree with my view.

If you Google! Can find dozens of real companies who are offering this kind of jobs but should consider few points before joining. The best part is we don’t need a website or blog and they are two types paid ones and non-paid which is suitable for the professional bloggers.

Note: Few shorten URL websites are restricted to use in some countries, for example, is banned in India. So better read the T.O.S before joining.

  • Your country is eligible or not.
  • Kind of payment system they are offering (PayPal, Payza, Skrill & Payoneer).
  • What is the minimum payout and instantly withdrawn(usually $1 dollar for India), rates depend on the region (for US $10 dollars).
  • How much can we earn per view and for 1000 views.
  • How company pay to us.

    If you shared the short URL to someone and the guy clicks on that link you will get paid little commission from that company, this is what beginners will think to earn easily with shortening URLs. But the fact is every click the user need to wait for a certain time (for example 3 or 5 sec. the ads will display before divert to the actual link then only your will get paid). Just like a paid to click (P.T.C) advertisement websites.

    The best place to share tiny URLs and make money.

  • Social networking sites
  • Mobile Text messaging with link
  • Video URLs
  • Difficulties of using shorten links & Why its hard to make money
  • If the shorten URL server downs, the link does not work.
  • It’s very hard to remember the URL address.
  • Some people don’t click the link because of the confused URL structure they might think harm links (some virus or hacking).
  • Will lose your genuine followers because every time they visit your link they have to view the ad before jump into the actual site, it irritates a lot.
  • You are not allowed to click your own links and you can’t force the others (family members, friends etc.) to view.
  • I just shared my points about this method of income and sincere suggestion is it does not really deserve the quality of time we spend for this work, find out the other best richest 5 digit income earning with blogging.

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