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Work-From-Home Word-Press-Quick-Adsense-ToolBar

Google Chrome Quick Adsense Toolbar 2016 Must Have Every Wordpress Blogger


In my previous Post, I’ve explained about how chrome publisher toolbar helpful to find the Adsense income easily. The second famous tool for WordPress as well as for non WP platform bloggers to view complete information about your google ad income with quick toolbar with some extra additional features. Publisher toolbar only gives details about the different days of income earned and Ad overlay feature.

WordPress Quick Adsense Toolbar


The Quick Toolbar google Version – 3.9 and it supports 51 languages, has more facility to view complete details with individual tabs (Home, Reports, and Settings) of your Adsense account.

  • Home tab
  • Compare the Previous week on the same day of your earnings with the todays income so far (for example today is Friday. It compared with last week Friday earnings), if earned more the green arrow points up or else it shows down with a red arrow with the difference of income with a percentage.

    Yesterday earnings Vs same day last week.

    This Month So Far Vs Same Day Last Month. &

    Total Earnings of the previous Month.

    The difference is in the publisher toolbar it does not show the comparison days of the income, but in the quick toolbar can check easily and with the Graphic Information about the (Earnings, Views, Clicks, CPC, CTR and RPM)

  • Reports
  • It generates complete two months of every day performance report.

  • Settings
  • Badge Icon With Radio Buttons:- Daily or monthly earnings show on the badge icon. If you choose the Monthly option will display the final amount till now how much made money.

    Update Interval :- Can set the automatic time update information about your Adsense revenue, in the horizontal scrolling tab.

All Information of your adsense account in a single quick adsense toolbar


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