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why many regular blog publishers prefer to start youtube (vlog) channel to make more money from adsense 2017


Youtube is a big platform to earn money online. After Google maximum of the search happens on youtube website and many Indian vloggers are making thousands of dollars every month from home, compare with traditional blog publishers, YouTube earners are rising. The majority of the internet users prefer to view a visual presentation. If you notice, the big budget movies promote they film with small teasers are releasing on youtube, and the surprising fact is that they are making income. So, you can imagine how the impact will create on your business to grow on youtube. Now, in this post will contribute my views on why youtube is the best way to make money compare with regular blogging.

Why Vloggers Make More Money Easily Than Normal Bloggers

  • YouTube is entirely free to join.

  • No need to buy and domain, web hosting plans and themes for your blog. ( not required any site or blog)

  • Don’t need any programming skills (HTML, CSS, PHP or

  • Users prefer video presentation compare with regular text articles, If viewers love your videos they will subscribe for future of your videos.

  • Applying & getting approve from Adsense for a brand new youtube channel is very easy. Whereas, in case of blog (India, Asian countries need to wait for 6 months)

  • Large opportunities to visit your videos from different sources (google, youtube search, subscribers, direct and social media sites) and for a blog, it’s not possible to find your blog/site on youtube search.

  • Not only Adsense, but you can also promote affiliate programs and your products (clothes, ebook, software, tutorials, etc.)

  • Some Indian youtube earners are making more than $1000 every day on videos

  • If your videos are viral, you will become a youtube star overnight, and we have seen many people uploaded they short films and become famous very quick. (Earned money & name)

  • Users love to share your videos on they social platforms( FB, Twitter, Google +)

  • No need to write (500 – 1000 plus) words for a single blog post

  • You can create video content with your smartphone, and much more.

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