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YouTube will no longer let you make money unless your channel hits 10k lifetime views


Youtube was a great source to earn money online with videos, but recently large enterprises after pulling out (boycott) the ads from youtube. The creators were so upset with the earnings and especially the new YouTubers were so worried, and they are totally confused.

"is YouTube is a suitable website to make money or not"

The reason advertisers, are not at all happy with the ads placing on irrelevant videos and decided the youtube is not advertised friendly. On 7th Apr Thursday 2017, youtube was officially announced the new rules with a strict condition for the creators who want to earn money with ads.

I’ve started a new video channel two months back with my experience am sharing this post. Probably, will helpful for the people who desire to start a YouTube career.

No more ads will serve for those channels, has not crossed 10,000 views.

The primary intention behind this rule is to vanish the fake and spam creators. So remember, your videos must gain the YouTube viewers before getting the ads. Now, after reaching the 10,000 views, the youtube team will check your channel manually what kind of videos you have uploaded, if they satisfied then only they grant ads on your videos. This step will improve to ensure only ads will display those channels are following the rules. So, friends check out the points what videos are not suitable for youtube.

  • Don’t make any more viral videos to gain views.
  • Do not upload the video which contains copyright (for ex- movies, music, tv shows, etc. )
  • Make sure your video content does not contain any racism, terrorism and abusing words.
  • Title and video is entirely different

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